A Walkman & A Pretty Girl



A love of music, voice,
and a hot girl I never quite got.

This is the hardest thing I do. Writing about yourself is less fun than just about everything except for trigonometry. Seriously, forget trigonometry.

I was not supposed to sing. I wasn’t even really supposed to be creative. All of my family – Dad, Uncles, Cousins – it seems all of them played Professional Baseball at one level or another. It was just sort of assumed I would do the same. So, when I came home one day and said I was joining a Musical Theater Workshop class in Highschool, everyone kind of looked at me funny. In truth, I had loved music ever since getting my first Sony Walkman (no, phones didn’t always carry all the music ever written), a copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and sequestered myself under our pool table for the whole day. So, when I got the chance to join a band with my friends, I of course agreed.

Playing drums in a grunge rock cover band, with a serious dose of long-haired, Led Zeppelin inspired passion, I had no real idea I could sing, or that I even wanted to. It wasn’t until my Sophmore year that I sort of changed my tune. (See what I did there?) You see, there was this hot girl I wanted to talk to, or even just be near. So, I joined that theater class.

Right around that same time, my sister brought home a cd of Phantom of The Opera. Annoying kid brother that I was, I would walk into the room, or sit in the back seat of the car, making fun of the noises I heard coming from that cd. I didn’t think much about it, but I did notice one thing. I could sort of make “that sound”.

So, fast forward to today. Yes, I got obsessed with voice. How it works, what it does. How to do it better. At the same time, I started having some amazing chances, blessings I think, to share my music with others. From Broadway to National Tours, private concerts to amazing venues like Royal Albert and Carnegie Halls, I’ve had the opportunity to sing with, and for, some amazing people.

So yeah, that’s me in a few sentences. Well, the “me” that you care about here at least. And while we’re talking about you, I’m so grateful you’re here. Really. You could be anywhere. (There are so many cat videos to stay up to date with.) Thank you for spending some time here with me. I hope you like the music.

Oh, and the girl? The one in the Musical Theater Workshop class that started it all? Never got her. Don’t even think I had the guts to say a word to her.

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